Crane Services

C-frame crane lifts


Crane services: Owner/agent is to provide chain/chain fall/etc for lifting engines/generators, must be rigged prior to arrival, we will provide the point at which owners/agents chain will attach.  If engine or generator will be set in a truck, owner/agent is to provide blocking to set engine or generator down.  Dana Point Shipyard will provide at minimum, one crane and operator, one signalmen, and any additional needed men as WE feel will make for a safe lift.  Lifting services for:

  • Straight lifts for engines/generators/etc
  • C-Frame lifts for engines/generators/etc (3 man lift)
  • Mast stepping
  • Hardtops
  • Fly Bridges
  • Towers

Fee’s related to crane services: Crane services are billed on a time and material basis

Crane and operator: $250 per hr (1/2 hr min)

Signal man/rigger: $150 per hr (1/2 hr min)

Additional men if needed: $125 per hr (1/2 hr min)

Dana Point Shipyard will make any and all determination of the additional men needed for a safe lift.  NO EXCEPTIONS!