Here at Dana Point Shipyard we specialize in all types of fiberglass repairs, from cosmetic to structural we can handle it all.  Our fiberglass experts have more than 30+ years of fiberglass repair experience, with the hands on expertise to get the job done with the utmost regard to quality.  Polyester, vinylester, or epoxy, we have used and repaired it all.  When you want the highest quality fiberglass repair done contact us at Dana Point Shipyard.
Fiberglass shaft log repair

Labor Rate on Fiberglass repairs: $125 per hr


When doing fiberglass repairs you must consider the following:

  • The affected areas are properly ground out to ensure all damaged material is removed
  • The existing laminate is dry and free of debris that would affect bonding
  • The adhesion is done with the proper resin
  • The repair is securely bonded to the existing fiberglass with no loose edges
  • The fiberglass is completely saturated with resin with no air pockets or voids
  • The repair is fared correctly leaving a smooth surface ready for coating

Examples of some fiberglass repairs:

Fiberglass repair prep
Fiberglass repair
Fiberglass repair shaft log
Fiberglass layup on shaft log

Fiberglass grind
Fiberglass after layup
Fiberglass rudder skeg
Rudder and keel fiberglass after final fill