Our shipwright services are preformed with quality in mind, we use only the finest materials available.  Most of our shipwright workforce has 15+ years of marine experience, assuring your repairs are done right the first time. Our marine store is stocked with everything needed to preform a variety of shipwright repairs.  We carry the best bottom paint available, from Pettit, Z-spar, and Interlux.  When  getting your shipwright services done at Dana Point Shipyard, you can be assured we will provide you with top quality craftsmanship and great service.  If you are not happy with the repairs or services you have received  please do not hesitate to contact us and we WILL make it right!

Shipwright services we offer but are not limited to:

  • Bottom painting
  • Hydro washing
  • Varnish work
  • Thru-hulls and valves
  • Outdrive anti fouling paint
  • Swimstep removal and installion
  • Transducer installs
  • Bright work
  • Blister repair
  • Bilge cleaning/coating
  • Zinc replacement
  • Port lights, windows and vents
  • Barrier coat
  • Keel removal and reinstallion
  • Mast and rigging work

Bottom Painting Services, we call it a total package.  HCPL;  Haul, Clean, Paint and Launch:
We haul your vessel from the water, Hydro wash the bottom, wet-sand the bottom with 60grit sand paper, acid clean under water metals (inboard boats), clean thru hull pick up screens, apply three coats of anti-fouling paint at the waterline, (and leading edges of keel and rudder on sailboats) and apply two coats of anti-fouling paint on the entire bottom.  For any bottom that does not have existing paint problems (flaking paint, chipping, etc) we offer a one year guarantee!  We offer three levels of bottom paint:

  • “Good”-Using Interlux California bottom Kote, Single Season, 35% cuprous oxide
  • “Better”-Using Z-spar the “protector” or Interlux Ultra, Two Season, 53.3% cuprous oxide
    Z-spar Protector
  •  “Best”– Using Pettit Pro or Z-spar bottom pro gold, Three Season, 60% cuprous oxide.  Minor priming, and or hand sanding to fair in minor flaking paint included in “best” package
    Bottom Pro Gold


Race Bottom #3

If your yacht is needing a little more performance, we do offer “race” bottom paint services.  Pettit Vidid is very popular choice for racing sailing vessels.  We can spray the anti-fouling coating or roll it with a low nap foam roller, providing a smooth starting profile.  After the coating has dried we come back and block wet-sand the bottom in a multi-step process ending with 400 grit profile.  We have had very good feedback on the performance of our “race” bottom paints.


Outdrive PaintKeep your outdrive protected from harsh marine growth by keeping the anti-fouling coating in good condition.  We use Tri-lux 33, which is formulated for aluminum outdrives, we only apply our outdrive paint with a brush to extend it’s longevity.  Spraying the coating results in a better looking finish however, it has a decreased service life.




Some examples of Shipwright work:

Keel paint blistering
Striped keel due to paint blistering
Keel coating after striping

Hydro washing
Removing sail boat keel
Stained wood work
Stained wood work after our repairs